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Dan Smith
Daniel J. Smith, Q.C.
September 14, 2017
Simon Hersey, J.D., LL.B.
September 19, 2017

“The law is too complex to be a jack of all trades, that’s why agriculture and agribusiness law is all I do.” This is my common reply when clients inquire about having me handle their agriculture and estate planning needs. It’s not that I don’t handle non-agriculture matters, but that is the area I have intentionally focused. For me, the law is complex enough that I don’t try my hand in other areas (family, litigation, criminal, etc), but rather to give my clients high level comprehensive service in all things agriculture, from complex estate planning and tax transactions for large corporate farms to basic land deals and small farms.

Ironically, my upbringing wasn’t in agriculture, having been raised in some of Canada’s largest cities, however, I was unusual in that I sought to leave the big city, married into a farming family and greatly enjoy travelling to Alberta’s small towns and farms to meet with clients.

My practice is based out of Medicine Hat; remote office is in Consort (I keep office hours every Wednesday), as well as in Oyen (I keep office hours every Thursday) and regular trips are made to Wainwright. Aside from these regular travel locations, I am happy for an excuse to leave the office to meet with you and family at your farm. In the winter and spring, I can be found making presentations on estate planning and young farmer issues all across the province.

When not working I enjoy spending time with my young family, working on home renovation projects, volunteering with my church, and looking for an excuse to cook some large piece of meat on my smoker.